ZMC – A Private Equity Company


ZMC – Zender Management & Consulting GmbH also is a Private Equity
Company and holds 100% shares of HÖLZGEN Betonsteinwerk GmbH &
Co.KG located in Germany, about 70 km north of Frankfurt. In 2010
HÖLZGEN was taken over by ZMC.

HÖLZGEN was founded in 1948 as a construction company. At the end of the
90s HÖLZGEN invested in the most modern concrete slabs production in
Europe. For many years slabs of HÖLZGEN have been successfully
marketed in Germany. Over the successful years the market demand
changed and instead of simply blasted concrete slabs surface-treated slabs
were required by the market. With the takeover of the company by the Private
Equity Company ZMC HÖLZGEN got repositioned in the market. In 2010
ZMC intensively invested in surface coating technology for concrete slabs.


• Takeover by ZMC 2010

• Investments in surface coating technology in 2010

• Introduction of new surface coated slab series in 2011

• Reduction of product portfolio complexity in 2011

• Expansion of coated slab series in 2012

• New Marketing concept 2012, positioning as high-quality supplier

• Implementation of a new logistic concept in 2012

• Further investment in additional surface coating technology in 2012

In 2012 more than 50% of sales was generated by coated slab products.


• Production and sales start of new prefabricated concrete product line,
design and urban concrete furnishing

• Introduction of 6 new slab series with sophisticated surface treatment

• Market expansion focusing architects

ZMC stands for both “hands-on” entrepreneurship and consulting

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