ZMC – Interim Management

Interim Management is the temporary provision of management resources
and skills, typically in corporate responsibility in a company in the first or
second management level.

ZMC provides Interim Management for:  

• Interim Management for

• Companies in existential economical difficulties

• Restructuring processes

• Restruturing of a company

• Establishment, Acquisition or Sale of companies or part of companies
(Business Units)

You benefit from over 20 years of experience in corporate management with
international companies in the Management Levels:

• Member of the Board of Directors of Joint Stock companies ind Germany
and Italy

• Member of the Advisory Board in Belgium

• CEO/MD of companies in Germany and Singapore

In the following industries:

• Raw Materials, Minerals: Production, Processing, Europe

• Glass: Production and Trade, worldwide

• Feuerfeste Werkstoffe: Production and Trade, worldwide

You can expect:

• Professionalism in international Business Affairs

• Leadership

• Holistic Management Experience

• Immediate understanding of complexe contexts

• Target and Value oriented professional work

• Complience with Corporate Governance of your company

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