ZMC – Transcontinental Merger and Acquisition Consulting

Market entry into European Market through acquisition of companies with well
established distribution channels and networks.

ZMC-Consulting is based on over 20 years of experience in corporate
management with international companies in all management levels. You can
benefit from this holistic management experience in sales & marketing,
establishment od enterprises and legal entities an transcontinental merger
and acquisition.

European Businesses in Asia – A Look into the past

In the 1970s large European enterprises began shifting segments of their
production to countries offering lower production costs. For many of these
entrepreneurs it soon became clear that local support and management were
needed to overcome cultural barriers and better understand local business

Later, European enterprises also entered Asian markets, especially the
market in China, establishing sales organizations to participate in the
enormous economic growth therein. In China however, top foreign sales
managers were unsuccessful, lacking both an understanding of the native
cultural and business practices. A successful local marketing strategy
required both a local network and local managers.

Asian Businesses in Europe Today – Some Challenges, but Reverse

Companies both in China and elsewhere in Asia and their high-tech
productions now are sought by markets in Europe. Success for these Asian
companies in these new markets require their understanding of European`s
culture, business practices and customer needs. To avoid the time and
expense of building a distribution channel from scratch and to achieve
success from the beginning, Asian companies are acquiring European
companies to utilize the existing distribution channels.

ZMC – Your Partner in Successful European Market Development

ZMC Management wants to be your local partner in Europe. We see
ourselves as partner of your plans. We understand the needs of international
business and the necessity to observe local business practices to assure your
successful European market development.

For over 20 years ZMC Management has successfully managed companies
both in Asia and Europe, serving as their CEO or a member of the Board of
Directors. ZMC has managed the transition and implementation of acquired
sales organizations. When necessary, we have established new sales
organizations. We have assisted in the establishment of Joint Ventures and in
the successful transfer of technical skills between Europe and Asian

ZMC - Ready to Grow with You Now!

• Support for the preparation of your business Expansion in Europe

• Support during the acquisition process

• Implementation of due diligence processes

• Support for the integration of an acquired company into your existing
business organization

• Interim management of your new enterprise

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