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Market share gains in Europe by establishing representative offices or

ZMC-Consulting is based on over 20 years of experience in corporate
management with international companies in all management levels. You can
benefit from this holistic management experience in sales & marketing,
establishment od enterprises and legal entities an transcontinental merger
and acquisition.

Think global – act local

Internationally successful companies pursue global strategies for worldwide
market growth. However, different regions or countries require different
measures for a profitable market expansion.

“Other countries, other customs" is a German proverb. This applies
particularly to the successful market development in different countries. Each
country requires tailored sales structures and sales organizations geared to
local market conditions and market environment.

What may be a lucrative sales strategy for Asia or the United States is not
necessarily the same strategy that should be used to be successful in
Germany or anywhere in Europe; business culture and business habits are
different. Locally required needs, customized sales organizations and local
distribution channels along with the right networks are required. The
knowledge of local laws in any respect is essential and requires local
professionals. By establishing a local sales representation or subsidiary and
the employment of a local sales force you get all of this immediately.
ZMC has
successfully established sales representations and subsidiaries in Germany
for both foreign owned as well as German owned companies.
 Take advantage
of the experience of ZMC.

ZMC establishes your sales representation or German subsidiary. The
establishment or registration of the entity is only a legal deed. ZMC
cooperates with legal and tax advisors as a partner and offers Full Service
Advisory. We will accompany you from your initial conception of how to enter
the German Market, how to set up your representation or subsidiary and ZMC
will ensure your sustained business success. ZMC itself is not a legal or tax
advisor but provides business management advice. ZMC recommends its
partners in legal and tax advice to the company since these partnerships has
been proven reliable and professional.

ZMC supports you in office management. Whether it's to find the appropriate
office space or to purchase office equipment or select the appropriate ERP
system, ZMC ensures the successful launch of your new company.

ZMC offers Management Training through partners and CEO/MD Coaching 
through ZMC management.

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