ZMC – Full Service Advisor

ZMC-Consulting is based on over 20 years of experience in corporate
management with international companies in all management levels. You can
benefit from this holistic management experience in sales & marketing,
establishment od enterprises and legal entities an transcontinental merger
and acquisition.

• Establishment of legal entities in Germany

• Office Management

• Management Training

• CEO and MD Coaching

• Interims Management

Establishment of legal entities in Germany

ZMC establishes your sales representation or German subsidiary. The
establishment or registration of the entity is only a legal deed. ZMC
cooperates with legal and tax advisors as a partner and offers Full Service
Advisory. We will accompany you from your initial conception of how to enter
the German Market, how to set up your representation or subsidiary and ZMC
will ensure your sustained business success. ZMC itself is not a legal or tax
advisor but provides business management advice. ZMC recommends its
partners in legal and tax advice to the company since these partnerships has
been proven reliable and professional.

Prior to Establishment

We define the Objectives of your new enterprise in Germany. ZMC is your
sole contact partner. We will guide you to the proper sales channel which is
the best fit for your business in line with the objectives for your German
enterprise; establishing your wholly-foreign owned enterprise, joint venture or
sales representative offices. You will receive support in preparing or assisting
in the creation of a bankable Business Plan according to German banking
standards and get you in contact with the appropriate corresponding banks.
Through our special relationships and long-standing partners of ZMC we can
offer the best possible service to your company through prominent worldwide
operating notaries and law firms as well as auditors and tax consultants.

Establishment of Sales Representation

If you are already selling into the German market and want to assure your
position in Germany, then the establishment of a branch might be the solution.
Branches are more non-independent sales centers, dependent in every
respect on the headquarters of the company.

Establishment of a German Legal Entity

Depending upon defined and agreed upon objectives for your new German
enterprise one of the following legal forms may be established:

Limited Liability Company
Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung, „GmbH“

General Partnership
Offene Handelsgesellschaft, „OHG“

Limited Partnership
Kommanditgesellschaft, „KG“

Limited Partnership with a limited company as general partner
“GmbH & Co.KG”

Further German legal forms do exist such as Joint Stock Company (“AG”) and
“Mini GmbH”.

What is the best type of legal entity for the company depends upon many
different aspects. ZMC can offer you this advice and the reasons why a
certain legal entity works best over other entity options. ZMC wants what is
the best fit for your company.  

Office Management

As soon as the legal entity has been entered into the Commercial Register
(Handelsregister) ZMC will support you in finding adequate office space, an
appropriate ERP system including reliable computer hardware suppliers.  We
will support you in all business matters to get your organization started. ZMC
cooperates with a network of reliable partners in Germany to make sure that
your start up is a success. ZMC will be your sole contact partner.

Management Training

Through our business partners we offer management training that is closely
connected to the practical needs of the international business in Germany.
ZMC can offer customized training solutions which help to increase
competencies that your management will need in order to successfully run
your business in Germany.


At ZMC, we see ourselves as consultants and partners who train the
Managing Director or CEO and side by side assist that individual in the
practical management tasks and accompany them through the German legal
entity legislation. We are experienced business managers with international
business experiences. We want your Managing Director to strengthen their
practical management skills and become the best that they can be in the

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